5 Tips for Boudoir Shoot Lingerie

Here are five tips to help you find the perfect lingerie pieces for your first boudoir shoot by The Boudoir Divas:

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1. We Suggest 3 Outfit Changes

 If you are only doing a few looks, we suggest three different looks.  First, a classic look. Think - black lace like Aporei's black lace teddy).   Second, a casual look, something along the lines of booty shorts and bralette with a sweater).  And third, something that gives you a color pop! A more edgy, wild piece...we like bright fuchsia, yellow, or teal one piece bodysuits! 

2. Find A Well Fitting Bodysuit 

One piece bodysuits are so flattering and versatile, we absolutely love when our clients use them.  There are some that emphasize the booty, the boobs, there are even some with gorgeous, intricate cutouts...but you have to get the right style for your body type! There are so many different types out there, so definitely explore your options and play up your favorite assets! 
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3. Consider A Full Coverage Sexy Piece

Robes are amazing! Don't stress too much about your "trouble areas" - you know, that one body part that you don't particular love? We all have them! You can definitely choose lingerie that will hide or minimize your trouble areas, but don't overthink it! You can always layer a sheer robe like Aporei's Black Lace Kimono over your lingerie and your photographer will use it as a posing tool to highlight your favorite areas or minimize your trouble areas!
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4. Pick the Right Panty

Underwear....it's all about the bootie! Every woman is shaped different, and every woman likes a different type of panty. If you are undecided about which lingerie panty to choose, always prioritize the bootie. Choose a fit that flatters your butt.  It might be easy to want to go with a choice that is, say...more stylish or hip. Not every booty looks good in a super strappy or highwaisted panty!  Just because you might see a particular type of panty all over Pinterest, doesn't mean it's the right choice for you!  Go with what flatters your body type!

5. Remember to Wear Your Confidence

No matter what piece you decide to go with - it's important to have fun and feel good with what your wearing!  Does it make you feel sexy? Does it make you love your curves? Then go with it, and don't forget the most important part of a boudoir shoot - have fun.  This is about celebrating you!  Regardless of your reason for getting a boudoir shoot - whether it's a gift for your husband, or you celebrating turning 40 - you should make sure that you celebrate and love your body for what it's given you!  
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