5 Tips For Pulling Off An Instagram Worthy Bridal Shower


So, your best friend is getting married, and now you are googling the crap out of what your responsibilities are as Maid of Honor... Well, we came up with a list of our 5 best tips for pulling off a flawless bridal shower!  YW.

1. Come Up With A Theme

Ladies, we live in the age of Pinterest- sometimes I wonder how our fore-mothers did it.  Now a days you can come up with a super fun theme and find 6 DIY tutorials on how to make it happen under $20.  The key here is plan, plan, plan.  You don't have to break the bank to make it instagram-worthy, you just have to invest the DIY time.  Check out bridal shower themes on pinterest here-- my favorite?  Bride-chella <3Bohemian Bridal Shower Theme

2. Do An Ice Breaker Game

Ok so the bride gave you the list of attendees which include (but not limited to) her Great Aunt Mary, her best college party friend who she bonded with in a public restroom at a bar, and her boss.  How the heck are you going to bring all of these people together when they seemingly have NOTHING in common?  Enter, ice breaker games.  These little babies bring out the competitive side in all of us-- and bonus if you can get all of the guests to cry laugh.  My personal favorite is the "Guess What Age She Was" photo game - it gives attendees a chance to get to know the bride better and gives you a chance to find REALLY embarrassing photos.  Payback time for that ugly dress you're about to wear.

3. Rosé Any Time Of Day

Admittedly I am a rosé fanatic, so I really do embrace the rosé any time of day, but what better place to make people drink it with you then at a bridal shower?? ;) And better yet, add some fancy ways to dress it up! 

One of the most memorable things from my friend's bridal shower was the flower ice cubes that the maid of honor served at her mimosa bar.  So. Freaking. Cute.  I thought this maid of honor had it all together and slaved away figuring out this flower ice cube situation, or maybe paid a florist to supply- but nope!  I found a tutorial here!  If you want to get really fancy with the champagne decor- I found this super cool tutorial on the best champagne chiller-- that I REALLY need to try.

Floral Ice Cubes for Bridal Shower DIY

4. Forget the Favors

For real, this may sound like a faux pas, but when is the last time you actually received a party favor that you used again in real life?  Why spend the money on those $1 candles for all of her coworkers that she doesn't even like, when you can put that cash towards something she will actually remember-- like a photo wall for her to pose with her guests!  Or really, anything else; seriously forget the favors.

5. Give A Gift She Actually Wants

Many attendees are looking around for that perfect present; trying to look outside of the cookie cutter gifts (pun intended) But now that more and more couples are living together before marriage (gasp!), brides don't need the typical kitchen supplies or home decor.  So, what bride wouldn't look fabulous in our ivory lace bralette set to wear during that bridal boudoir session?  Or maybe a cute white lace coverup wear on a beach during her honeymoon.  Shop all of these looks in our bridal shower gift collection.
Bridal Shower Gift

Best part yet, even though you should not procrastinate in planning, if that gift buying deal slips your mind, we got you girl!  Our #1 bridal shower gift pick is... 

our top selling ivory lace bodysuit available on your favorite procrastination tool- Amazon Prime!  Now go be that super woman maid of honor & throw her a party she'll never forget.



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  • AH! This is perfect! So much pressure to throw a good shower these days I am loving the tips— especially the no favors idea.. I never thought of spending the money somewhere else!
    Also— that robe !

    • Bethany Crosby