Aporei Black Lace Bralette with High Waisted Panty Set Feature

To all of our lovely ladies with curves, we know your struggle. It’s hard to find a lingerie ensemble that caters to your shape and still makes you look and feel sexy. You’ll find that quite often, the garments that look stunning on the rack doesn’t always cater to your curves, or something that fits you with ease doesn’t always accentuate your assets. We don’t want you to have to choose between comfort, style, or sexiness, when searching for a set that’s best for you. Aporei feels that as women, we should and can have it all. That’s why we’ve created our Black Lace Bralette with High Wasted Panty Set that caters to most body types from petite to our curvaceous women!


Sexy Black Lace


So, let’s jump right in and discuss the creative style of this piece. We absolutely adore bralettes. We’ve constructed a playful design to incorporate our signature flowers, petals, and intricate shapes to display throughout the top. Towards the bottom, the design features a triangle cut, with lace fabric that showcases the same design. The sheer, mesh, stretchy fabric stretches and molds to your body so that you fit comfortably and securely inside the cup of the bralette. The top allows for you to discretely show a little skin with the mesh fabric but most of your breasts are covered by the gorgeous design.

There are adjustable straps with the traditional two bra-styled hooks in the back. The set only comes in black, which we have found to be an absolute fan-favorite. There’s something about a black lingerie set that is versatile and fun. Besides the fact that black can go with virtually anything, we’ve found that it can be slimming and gives most women a sense of self-confidence when wearing black lingerie as opposed to other colors. We’re certain you’ll marvel at its simplicity and be enchanted by its beauty.

On the sides of the bralette you’ll see a thin, nude material that goes from the hook to the bralette design itself. It’s a little something extra to the design, that truly adds an elegant flare to the top. There is an underwire support that gently lifts and satisfyingly secures your breast so that it emphasizes your shape. We only use high-quality fabric, so you can rest assured that the Black Lace Bralette with High Waisted Panty Set can undergo your normal day-to-day activities or a night of pleasure. It’s as durable as it is desirable. Currently it comes in the standard small, medium and large sizes. With the stretchy material, this intimate appear allows for a little wiggle room (literally) to play with.

If you’re unfamiliar with the bralette construct, it’s quite simple. Imagine a bra functionality with a half-cut tank-top feature. It allows for more than just securing your breasts, but fashionably displays them in a unique fashion. Within the fashion industry, bralettes are worn as both under and outer-attire. You can wear them under an open or low-cut shirt or have them hidden under a blouse while you’re out and about. The purpose of our lingerie is that whenever and whatever you’re wearing, it makes you feel beautiful, confident and self-assured. So, let the world know or keep it as your little secret, the bralette is designed for you.

Now, let’s focus on the lingerie bottoms. Our customers have fallen in love with the high-waisted design, for various reasons, but we’ll get to that in a moment. On the surface, you’ll see that the panties display the same floral, petal, and intricate shapes and lace fabric; giving you a high-cut lace-detailed design. The material gracefully stretches over your waist, hips and bottom with ease. The back of the panty has an attractive cheeky cut with sheer detailing towards the end of the panty to show just enough of your bottom, but leaves a little something for the imagination. The front has more of the beautiful design on the top and sides, but contains a strip of solid-colored black fabric to cover your most prized possession. Lastly, as an accessory, there is a black tie that gently goes around the middle of your waist, that really brings the set together.

The high waisted look is definitely in as an every-day style, and has been seen all over as a brilliant fashion trend. As we previously stated, our customers love this look because of its adaptability. Here;s a few reasons why they’ve made the high-waisted panty their go-to for bottoms, and we’re sure you will too.

Wear it wherever!

You don’t have to be confined to the bedroom or your home with the high-waisted panty. These can be comfortably worn while you’re on the go. It duals as traditional bottoms that can be worn as often as you want. Underwear for work? Check. Something to wear while lounging around the house? Check. Desirable bottoms for the bedroom? Check! The usability and possibilities are seriously endless.


Sexy Model Lingerie


Tucked in nicely

We all want to feel beautiful in our lingerie, and the high-waisted bottoms do just that. It enhances the parts of our body that we care to display while tucking and securing other areas nicely. They cut is flattering for women with curves as well as more petite women.

Sooo comfortable…

They are universally different to the classic “granny panties” in terms of style. The fashion doesn’t restrict you when it comes to attractiveness and overall chic. Granny panties tend to leave you too covered up and have a negative connotation when it comes to style of underwear. Our black, lace, high waisted panty doesn’t lack a thing when it comes to fashion and attractiveness, but it does take an element that the granny panty offers. They are effortlessly and incredibly comfortable!

This set gives our women the “barely there” feel so that nothing holds you back while wearing it. As with all of our lingerie items, we’re here to make you feel beautiful, and any of our items will do just that. This is a limited- edition product, and probably won’t be around for an extensive amount of time. Check our site to see if we have any steals and deals while shopping!


Seductive Bralette

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