Best Honeymoon Destinations: Maldvies VS French Riviera


So, you have your rings, your dress, and the whole "magical" day planned out to a T.  But let's face it, your wedding day is going to be a little stressful.  The balancing of timelines, personalities and family drama is enough to plant ideas of eloping into any bride's mind.  So to help keep your sanity, we are exploring the best honeymoon destinations!  How will you spend your first days of marriage?


Maldives Hut On Water for Honeymoon Deals


  • Beautiful Bright Turquoise Water
  • Remote Islands- after a year of worrying about where Great Aunt Sally is going to sit & what the Best Man is going to say in his speech, you'll want some time to unplug
  • Very Fresh Seafood
  • Over Water Bungalows!


  • Rain Can Ruin Your Day
  • Only Visiting One Island- if you add more it can really add up
  • Food is Very Expensive- we're talking $600 lunch for the underwater restaurants
  • Internet Can Be Spotty
  • Long Commute- If you are coming from the U.S.

What to Wear:

What to wear on honeymoon bora bora maldives mexico

French Riviera:

Deals French riviera honeymoon


  • Beautiful Colorful Coasts
  • Historic Architecture- walk around, explore!
  • The Heart of Fashion
  • Rosé All Day- sold!
  • Cheese Galore
  • The food


  • City Life- it's loud and you will not be alone.
  • Language Barrier
  • French Time- service here tends to be on the waiters time, not on the customer.

What to Wear:

Cute Honeymoon Lingerie on sale

Top Honeymoon Destination 2018:

Both!  I know, it's a bit of a cop-out response, but I truly believe this is the ultimate trip.  You'll want a week to unplug and relax with your newlywed partner, and then why not do a little sight-seeing in one of the most romantic destinations on earth.  Plus, this gives you an excuse to buy the cute little teddy AND the elegant lace robe!

Worried about the price? The key here is to plan.  You have so many wedding expenses coming your way, this is the time to earn those credit card airline miles and apply to a once in a lifetime trip!  My favorite airline points hacks can be found on the POINTS GUY BlogDisclaimer- I am NOT an advocate of rolling over credit card balances.  The credit card companies make millions off interest, do not take this route unless you are ready to pay off the balance each month.

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