How to Pack for a Festival

Top 6 Must - Pack - Items for your Music Festival

Spring is here! Better yet- Music Festival Season is here and we CANNOT WAIT!

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What a great excuse to put together your cutest outfit, party with your besties, and make some memories (and instagrams) to last a lifetime!  So, without further ado, here is our top 6 must pack items:

1. Your Tickets-

Ya, duh.  But you're excited, and might need a little reminder.  Incase you missed the ticket sale season, and want to torture yourself further, check out this unboxing video. <3

2. Your Boho Bestie-

We all know you're gonna want her by your side as you're making memories (and instagrams!) that last a lifetime.

What to Pack for Coachella 2018

3. A Killer Outfit

We're talking about dressing to the aces- this is your chance to really show some creativity.  Pick a statement piece, boho accessories, scarves, bodychains, boots, sunnies, and a sun hat. Of course my favorite outfits involve a little statement piece from our Festival Collection. ;)

4. Hair and Makeup Glam

Don't forget to prep your makeup look!  There are sooo many good tutorials on instagram, below is one of my favorites.  Those little buns are so cute!  And I love the facepaint. <3

5. A Cute Purse Backpack

The key here is to pack a bag that isn't going to get in the way, but can hold essentials like lipgloss and a flask. ;) If you're anything like me you'll fill the thing no matter how big it is, so try to go mini so the load doesn't get too heavy mid day!  I love this little purse on Amazon.

6. Snacks

It's gonna be a long day!  And chances are you will not want to leave what you are doing to go scrounge around for food- so remember to pack your favorite snacks!  My go to's:

    • Dried fruit
    • Chips
    • Almond Butter
    • Apples
    • Ice Cream (ok prob don't pack ice cream though)
    Coachella inspiration cheap outfit


    Do your homework!  I love to watch the youtube videos on festival hacks, here is one of our favs from Megs Cahill


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