Limited Time Only- The Halter Bralette Set


Okay ladies, we’re sure you’ve noticed that the halter look has resurfaced as a trending fashion item once again. You’ve seen it with your favorite shirts, tanks and sexy lingerie items. The look has graced magazine covers, the web and social media. Women are loving the pros to having a halter cut, and we are too. So, by popular demand, we decided to create the ultimate halter bra with a little bit of a twist. We incorporated the halter cut with the bralette design for a combination of the two. For your pleasure, we’ve paired it with a matching thong to introduce our Lace Halter Bralette Set. It’s extremely sexy, fun and fashionable.


With this set you’ll enjoy the beauty of lace. We use high-quality lace fabric throughout the ensemble with a stretchy mesh material that aligns with your curves. The mesh gives the “barely there” feeling as if you’re wearing nothing at all. If you’re not a fan of strappy lingerie tops, then the Halter Bralette can still be for you. It’s not the traditional strappy set, because with the halter cut your shoulders remain free. Two pieces connect leisurely around your neck, and our customers love that the ties are not too snug or too lose, but fits your neck with ease.


The set comes in a beautiful black color that can be paired with any and everything! When you think about black lingerie, the possibilities are endless. For example, you’re able to match a black bra with your favorite pink boy-shorts or a black thong with your zebra print bra. Mixing and matching will be a breeze. It has a delicate floral design that flows through the halter bralette which really makes the piece pop! On the front of the thong, the upper side has a mesh simplicity that gives a bit of a sheer view, but towards the middle and bottom you’re covered up with the same floral design with a nude backing to bring the unit all together.


The front of the halter bralette displays a unique cut that opens just slightly to show a little more skin, but closes as it forms into the bralette design. In the cups of the bra there’s the same a sheer nude-colored backing to match the thong, preventing your full breast from showing, giving you the option to pull this look simply lounging around or for a romantic evening. There’s absolutely no padding, so you’re able to feel naturally free and not confined like a traditional bra set.


There is just the right amount of underwire in the lace halter bralette, but it’s far from overbearing or uncomfortable. The underwire provides a bit of versatility so that women of all shapes can wear it. It’s great for those with a smaller cup size, because the underwire gives you a bit of a lift so that you’re filling in the halter bralette nicely without that awkward gap in-between. For our bustier women, it provides the same lift, but the halter bralette design keeps you securely tucked in without that unwanted spillage. In the back, you’ll find the traditional two hook structure to ensure your able to fit your top to your comfort.


Alright ladies, let’s talk thongs. If you’re a fan of a cute thong, then we’ll know you’ll love the Halter Bralette bottom. Sexy black lace and mesh material form the thong with just immense cheek out for you to flaunt. Now, this doesn’t have the discomfort of a G-string but has enough material to comfortably fit into those crevasses; feeling as if you weren’t wearing any underwear at all. If you aren’t a fan of the thong, we completely understand, but we have a few reasons why this may be a great item to have in your arsenal:



No need to worry about panty lines

We’ve all been there. With beautiful dresses that cling to our bodies like there’s no tomorrow or with a pair of white pants to celebrate the summer time, there’s absolutely nothing worse than having visible panty lines that ruin the effort you put into looking your best. That’s why it’s always handy to keep a little black thong in your possession just for those special occasions. A thong is essentially invisible when it comes to panty lines and gives you the flexibility to move about without worrying about bunching or readjusting.


Confidence booster

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again. When you look good, you feel good! There’s simply just no denying that wearing a thong flat out makes us feel sexy. It’s something about the cut and how it emphasizes our bottoms that just makes us feel attractive, even if no one knows you have it on but you. It can bring out a certain self-confidence and self-assurance that we may sometimes forget we have during our daily routines. So, when you need that extra boost, it’s here to lift you up.



Need something sexy for the night

We saved the obvious one for last, but just in case you’re unsure, let us reemphasize the sexiness of the thong. If you’re feeling confident, assured and sexy in a thong, just imagine how your partner will feel about you in this intimate apparel. This may be your go-to piece of lingerie for a night of passion. We’re sure he won’t be able to keep his hands off you, and the best part is after you make your grand entrance, it can come right off, but you’ve left an impression that’ll last a lifetime.


To sum it all up, the Black Lace Halter Bralette is comfortable, graceful and unimaginatively sexy. The cut is irresistible and the fit is ideal for all body shapes, accentuating your curves and enhancing your beauty. You’ll absolutely fall in love with the mesh material, and even if you’re not a fan of the thong you’ll be able to feel confident and irresistible in this mesmerizing lingerie set. The only downside is that it’s here for a limited time only, so get yours before they’re gone!

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