Is Lingerie Only for Your Partner?

Women are constantly being subjected to the idea that lingerie and sex are linked, so much so that it’s hard for us to separate the two. Everywhere you turn, advertisements are pushing the idea that the sole purpose of lingerie is for your partner’s enjoyment. Lure him in with soft silk, tease him with lovely lace, seduce him with the kiss of satin.

In fact, the market is saturated with intimate apparel that caters to men and not to the women wearing them. Most of what you’ll find is stripper-esque attire, male fantasy driven looks or items meant to be worn but end up feeling uncomfortable to the average woman. There is a huge gap and disconnect with lingerie for women who simply want to wear it for themselves, and that’s where we come in.

We want our Aporei Women to feel empowered by their choice of lingerie while being comfortable and sexy. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with purchasing something seductive for your partner, but we believe that your lingerie should be for YOU first and for your partner second. Here’s a few reasons why.


Good Fit Black Bralette with Underwire


Exert Confidence

As the old saying goes, when you look good, you feel good! Lingerie can empower and give women confidence that they may not exhibit on a regular basis. Think about it. You get up in the morning before work and take the time to ask yourself, ‘how am I feeling today?’ Depending on how you feel, you then take a few moments to carefully select the foundation of your attire- what’s worn underneath. See, the foundation of your attire can take how you view yourself coupled with how you feel and transform that into a positive energy called confidence. Don’t believe us? Here’s an example how:

Maybe on Monday you woke up feeling like a badass. You’re going to tackle this day head on, and nothing is going to get in your way. That’s when you pick out your all black, high-waisted bralette set. The next day you wake up feeling adventurous, so you decide on a caged bra with matching panties. These examples may seem like a simple task, like your just selecting beautiful lingerie to wear, but this type of routine has so many pros in the start your day.

You’re taking time to acknowledge your feelings, gratify your self-worth, grant yourself assurance that you are beautiful, and admire how you look which promotes self-love from within. All of this combined gives you the confidence you need to handle any and everything that may come your way.


Sexy Beautiful Ivory Teddy


Feel Sexy

There’s no denying that women are sexy, sensual creatures. It wasn’t until recently that it was accepted for women to embrace their sexuality, as THEIR sexuality. So, embrace the modern world and don’t be embarrassed to flaunt what you got! Lingerie gives you the creative freedom to enhance, transform and show off your body in ways that normal under-attire cannot.

Contrary to popular belief, you can wear lingerie to look and feel sexy for yourself and not necessarily for someone else’s pleasure. There’s a novelty in knowing that you have on a sexy bodysuit underneath your pants-suit, and no one knows it but you. What we wear can make us feel a certain way, and lingerie is no different. Adorning our bodies with treasured fabric such as silk and satin can bring out the inner goddess in us all. We can accessorize with ruffles and ribbons and accentuate our features with caged tops, peek-a-boo bottoms, and sheer bodysuits.

It’s a wonderful feeling, as a woman, to be able to artistically express your femininity in a way that no one else can. Lingerie vulnerably yet boldly captures who you are or who you want to be; letting your imagination run wild. Thankfully, you don’t need anyone else to appreciate that for you. Intimates can give women a new level of dimension. It shapes, lifts, secures, enhances, holds, and gives volume to our bodies in a way that only we should dictate. Feel sexy, unapologetically for how you look and who you are, because that’s what the power of lingerie is all about. No validation needed but your own.


Ivory Lace Bridal Bralette High Waisted



Just because you’re allowed to appreciate your lingerie without anyone else seeing what you’re wearing, doesn’t mean that’s the ONLY way to appreciate it. With lingerie evolving, the modern-day woman is wearing her lingerie outside of the comfort of her own home, but not in a way that diminishes her class, self-respect or entices sex.

Bralettes and bodysuits are worn under clothing and inside of the home just as much as their worn as clothing and in public. The beautiful thing about being a woman is that we can do it all! Pairing a bralette with a comfortable blazer or wearing it solo with a pair of jeans is common in everyday fashion. Bodysuits seemed to have taken over last year as a popular trend combined with your favorite bottoms. Even sleepwear has been taken from your old college sweatshirt and track shorts to teddies and soft robes that make you feel glamourous.

It’s a breakthrough for lingerie to be seen as comfortable, non-shaming fashion given how far it has come through generations dating back to the first, uncomfortable corset. The fantastic thing about the evolution of lingerie is the versatility in how you can wear it, but the most important thing is that you feel good doing it.

We’ve given you a few great reasons of why your lingerie isn’t meant for your partner although it can be, so now we want to hear from you. Let us know if one of the reasons above is why you wear lingerie or if you wear it for another reason entirely. Maybe it gives you the confidence to try a new hobby or sport. Sports bra, also a lingerie item, are great at giving women the comfort and peace of mind needed to conquer mild to extreme tasks to stay healthy, fit and boost adrenaline.

Whatever your reason, embrace it. Remember, it’s all about how you perceive yourself. As an Aporei Woman, we want lingerie to empower you to be the best that you can be.

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