Tips to prepare For Your First Boudoir Shoot

We tapped our friends at The Boudoir Divas, to give tips on how to prepare for your first boudoir photoshoot. 
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Cheatsheet: it's about finding a photographer you are comfortable with, researching what you actually want (check pinterest!), and getting fun props- like Aporei Lingerie ;).

Boudoir shoots are always a good time, but for someone who has never done a boudoir shoot - it can be intimidating! That's why we are here to help!
First and foremost, if you have never done a boudoir shoot, it's important that you find a photographer that makes you feel comfortable.  Research their style, look at their photos - make sure their vibe matches yours!  Find out where they shoot - do they shoot outdoors or in a studio?  Do they rent a hotel room or come to your house?  Are you comfortable with a male or a female photographer?  How much experience do they have? Think about those options and discover what kind of boudoir shoot would make you feel most comfortable and relaxed!  
What to Expect in a Boudoir Photoshoot
If you don't feel comfortable with the photographer, it's going to show through the photos! The Boudoir Divas has a referral site with an elite group of international photographers who are listed worldwide by country, state, and city, so discover your boudoir photographer today at Boudoir International!
Once you have found a photographer that you are comfortable working with, it's time for to plan your shoot!  Pinterest is a great resource to get boudoir inspiration.  You could do a classic lingerie shoot, or you could put a twist on it with your favorite things!  We have seen bookworms, sports fans, ladies who wear their partner's shirts, and holiday celebrations!  Find out what style you want and then, the fun part of planning - you get to pick your lingerie pieces! 


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