Wedding Planning 101: Inspired Floral Design

Wedding planning can get complicated, which is why we are creating a new series on our blog just for our Aporei Brides- Wedding Planning 101.  We tapped our girl, Katie to get an insider's look on her unique wedding service, August Wolf Floral Design.

A Floral Decor Business Built From Passion

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Tell Our Brides About Your Floral Design Services

August Wolf provides full service event floral design.  A few times a year I also open up for smaller orders (Valentine's day, Mother's day, Holidays, etc.)  I work out of my studio on my property in the country located between Des Moines and Ames, Iowa.  August Wolf is four years old, but 2018 was my first year designing florals full-time.  Previously, I was a practicing attorney.  

What is Your Favorite Part of Designing Floral Decor?

I love designing big events, but am starting to appreciate creating beauty in small packages.  It's almost more challenging from a design perspective to create on a small scale, but I love the challenge.  That being said, the bride's bouquet is something I never cut corners or compromise on.  It is unique and stunning - perfectly complementary to the bride. 
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What is Your Favorite Part of Working with Engaged Couples?

I love getting to know my couples and reflecting their style in my designs.  It is incredibly important to me that every wedding is completely custom to the couple.  Inspiration can be taken from photos, but in the end their florals will be unlike anyone else's they've seen because they as a couple, are unlike anyone else. 

Where Does August Wolf Floral Do Business?

Anywhere!  Out of state, out of country.

What Inspired You to Do Floral Design?

I've always loved flowers and designed them for myself and friends for years.  I would joke that someday I would have a flower shop - never actually believing it would be a reality.  When I was pregnant with my first son, it suddenly didn't seem so crazy to have a "side" floral business.  I blame the hormones.  Fast forward three years later and running two busy careers was a crazy train I needed to get off of.  I chose flowers.  I like to think they chose me back.

How Can Couples Get in Touch with August Wolf?

The best way to schedule a consultation and start planning your wedding florals is to fill out a contact form on our website-

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Give Our Engaged Couples Your Best Wedding Advice

Remember that a marriage and a wedding are two different things.  Put your effort into your marriage and hire great vendors you trust implicitly to take care of the wedding.  Then you can relax, enjoy your love and have one hell of a party.

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