Wedding Planning 101: The Bridal Boudoir Experience

Wedding planning can be overwhelming, which is why we have expanded our blog series just for our Aporei Brides- Wedding Planning 101.  And this one is a special feature-- Bridal Boudoir.  We love the body positive and empowerment message that a boudoir shoot displays, so we reached out to one of the best, Modern Boudoir.

A Body-Positive Boudoir Experience in Iowa

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Introduce Yourself & Modern Boudoir to Aporei Brides

    My name is Cassie & I'm the owner of Modern BoudoirI provide a unique experience at my studio in downtown Boone, Iowa starting with professional hair & makeup, then moving on to the photo shoot where I guide you into the most flattering poses, & finally picking out custom products that show off your photos.  I started out as a wedding photographer in 2009, but decided to start specializing in boudoir 5 years ago.  Now it's my whole business and I get to fully focus on empowering women.  It is an incredibly wonderful thing to hear how much confidence & self love my clients feel after a session!

    Boudoir Photographer in Iowa for Bridal Gift

    What Do Brides Love About the Modern Boudoir Experience?

      My favorite products are albums since I love how easy they are to customize!  I offer 3 different sizes, so many cover colors/options, & I will help you design it specifically for your photos.  Many bridal clients like to gift these boudoir albums to their groom on their wedding day.

      What is Your Favorite Part About Working with Brides in Iowa?

        While I do miss cake from my wedding photography days, I can say I like being close enough to the wedding experience without being a full part of the day.  When I have brides in the studio, I love to hear all of their wedding plans & bridal boudoir is so much fun!!  I also have quite a few wedding vendor friends whom I love to visit with & bounce ideas off of.  

        Where Are Your Boudoir Clients From?

          My studio is set up just for your boudoir experience & located in Boone, so I do not currently travel.  Although, I do have a crazy dream of doing a traveling boudoir adventure someday!  I have clients come from all over though, I believe the furthest so far is Virginia!

          What inspired you to start this business?

            One of my past brides.  I did a boudoir session myself before I got married & loved the idea of it, but never thought I could do it.  Then one day one of my past brides asked me to do hers & I tried to refer her out, but that didn't work.  Her session ended up being so much fun & I figured if I did find a studio that I might try to pursue it a little more.  A year later I happened to see a "for rent" sign on a building & the rest is history. I loved boudoir so much, I dropped wedding photography & pursued it with my whole heart. I still cannot believe that 1 session that changed my plans all was 6 years ago!!

            How Can Iowa Brides Contact You?

              Email is best:  I also suggest visiting Instagram: for behind the scenes during sessions & the most up-to-date photos.  My website also has a ton of information:

              What is the Best Advice For Your Brides?

                My best advice for women looking into boudoir photography: research!!  Look at several examples of the photographer's work, ask questions about their process, & make sure you feel comfortable with them.  Almost all of my clients come to the studio at least a little nervous, so it's best to find someone you work well with.  I offer either in studio or over the phone consultations so we have a chance to talk before hand. I have heard a few stories from clients who had bad experiences because the photographer struggled at posing different body types.  Another client told me she did a session where the photographer turned out to be a man when she had been talking to a woman the whole time.  Nothing against male photographers, but it's best to be up front and honest about who will be there taking the pictures.
                Advice for married life: have adventures together. You can make so many small moments into something special if you take the time to put in that little bit of effort. 

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