Wedding Planning 101: Start at the Beginning - Magazine Inspo & Invitations

Wedding planning can be overwhelming, which is why we are expanding our blog series just for our Aporei Brides- Wedding Planning 101.  We reached out to our favorite Wedding Magazine and Invite Design Professionals here in Iowa, TandemHart.

Heartfelt Wedding Magazine & Invitation Designers in the Heartland

Wedding Planning Magazine for Iowa Brides

Tell Us About TandemHart & Heartland Wedding Ideas Magazine.

We met as graphic designers at an advertising agency, but soon became fast friends for our love of design and all things weddings. We had both been creating wedding invites for our closest friends but decided it would be fun to partner in business and create and collaborate on projects together.
Soon after we landed on the name TandemHart. The name represents bringing together the love of two parts, our passion we share for design, the love of our couples we work with, as well as clients passion for their business.. (plus we both love riding bikes, and maybe someday will get a tandem bike. ;))
TandemHart is a design company that specializes in event stationery, small business branding, and editorial content. Heartland Wedding Ideas magazine is an extension of our brand that delivers inspirational content to brides and grooms planning their big day, as well as connecting them to central Iowa vendors that can bring their wedding vision to life.  

What is Your Favorite Part of Your Design and Wedding Magazine Businesses?

We love working with people who are passionate and excited about their event or business and creating beautiful things! When you work with people who are just starting to make their dreams a reality, it’s important to us that we work together to create something that will make our clients proud and excited about their brand; be it personal or business. That first look when they respond with surprise (the new puppy kind) and excitement about the creative, followed by watching the stress roll off; that is by far the best feeling. It means we’re doing our job right.  
Wedding Invite Designers in Des Moines

What Do You Love Most About Working with Weddings?

Love and a great party! Who doesn’t LOVE that?! We really enjoy hearing couples’ stories and thinking of new and creative ways to help them celebrate their wedding. Our favorite part of the magazine is our “Real Weddings” section because we can share couples’ unique story and vision.
We also love how inclusive all the wedding vendors are and enjoy collaborating with so many talented professionals. Plus, all the new styles, colors, trends, and fashions that we are constantly swooning over. Yes, to all things pretty!
Free Wedding Planning Magazine in Des Moines

Where is Heartland Wedding Ideas & TandemHart Located?

Thanks to facebook, instagram and the internet, we are able to work with anyone anywhere. But we definitely prefer to work with local couples and businesses in the Des Moines Metro Area. It gives us a chance to meet people 1-on-1 and discuss their passions and vision.
For the magazine, Heartland Wedding Ideas celebrates Iowa couples and vendors, so we’re always looking for amazing local weddings to feature and styled shoots. 

What Inspired You to Become a GirlBoss Team?

Some of it definitely happened by accident, because of friends asking us to do design work. We’ve slowly followed a path that helped us expand, like the opportunity to design and own Heartland Wedding Ideas. Now we’re expanding TandemHart to help small business in their branding, design and marketing efforts. While we still have the day job (gotta love the side hustle), this gives us a different way to foster our creativity and be our own GIRL BOSSES!
Girl Boss Designers in Des Moines

What is the Best Way for Iowa Brides to Reach You?

All of our design work is through That is our design business and everything flows through that. They can reach us on our website or can email us at
And since Heartland Wedding Ideas is a large part of our company, it has its own website and email too, but you can always get a hold of us through either. If couples are looking to submit their wedding for the magazine or vendors are looking to advertise their services, you can email Heartland at 

What is Your Best Advice for Wedding Planning in Des Moines?

There’s always going to be the next hotness that people are talking about, but don’t get caught up in it. Make decisions TOGETHER that you will reflect your relationship. You’ll be much happier looking back at pictures that remind you of something special about your love, than reminiscing a trend that will most likely be out of date. The trendy stuff can be fun but make it about you first and the rest will come. And ENJOY YOUR BIG DAY! :)

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