What is Empowerment Boudoir?

I often get asked the question "Why did you decide to start your lingerie line?, and the simple answer is to empower women.  But what does that really mean?  And where does lingerie fit into empowering women?

Lingerie For Women with Class.

empowerment boudoir poses

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I will sound like a broken record on this one, but Aporei Lingerie is made by women, for women.  I design pieces that women want to wear.  Soft delicate laces, adjustable fitting boudoir teddies, long flowing coverups, and most importantly lingerie with coverage where you want it.

From Custom Lingerie to Worldwide.

I am going to get super personal with this one, but here goes.  As a young woman I based a lot of self worth on physical attributes, and my sore spot was my chest size.  I never filled out the cocktail dresses I wanted to wear or the lingerie the way I thought I should. (Hence why; ultimately, I did get a breast augmentation !GASP! but that's an empowerment story for later).  This lead to me designing my own lingerie that made ME feel sexy.  Not lingerie that was made for the masses, and not lingerie to attract anyone else.  As the word spread throughout my friend group, I was accepting custom orders and ultimately designed the ready to wear line that is now available on Amazon Prime and right here on aporei.com.

empowerment boudoir poses


Lingerie that Empowers Women.

Flash forward to six years later, and it seems like the world is catching on.  Mass designers like Victoria's Secret are feeling the heat for catering to the male fantasy for too long.  If you are not familiar with what I am talking about, you'll want to refer to this article about VS's 70 year old Male Chief Marketing Officer telling us that they cater to (male) fantasies, and fantasies are only a size 2.  That my friends is what feeds young women into putting self worth into a physical attribute, and is not something I can stand behind.  What I CAN stand behind is creating products that enhance feminine features and make her feel strong, beautiful and confident.


So Are You Ready to Book an Empowerment Boudoir Session?

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  • I love that there are more options than the mass marketer Victorias Secret! I am all about supporting a small woman owned business!

    • Diane V.
  • lying around in lingerie with charcuterie and wine— my tap of gal!

    • Sarah
  • YES! I love that boudoir is finally being recognized as an empowerment practice for women!

    • Jennifer