Why Our Customers Love the Maxi Lace Robe

Bridal lace robe

Our Maxi Robe seems to truly be a fan-favorite. If you’re unsure what our Maxi Robe is, let us paint a visual picture for you. It’s a beautiful lingerie-inspired robe that gives women the option to show as much or as little as they want. The sheer, lacey design is a floral pattern that flows throughout the entire piece, and captures the sweet essence of femininity. It gracefully lays on top of your shoulders, flaring out dramatically around your wrists.

The delicate fabric drapes low to the floor, making it a true maxi-styled robe. It gives you the choice of pairing the number with heels, for a sexy look, which won’t take away from the length of the gown. On each side, you’ll find a powdered baby blue tie, which gives you the ability to leisurely tie the robe so that it clings to your body or let it fall around you at will. It’s available in two beautiful variations. We’re honestly not sure which one we love the most, so we’ll leave that up to you to decide. The first is a luster-white, perfect for any bridal or wedding occasions. The other is a lovely black that pairs with any and everything. The best part is that they both sport the same sheer, lacey, high-quality fabric.

This Maxi Robe gives you maximum versatility. You’re able to wear additional lingerie underneath for a sexy combo. The sheerness of the robe and the delicate pattern leaves just enough of a visual for you to be able to see what’s under it from the front (even if it’s tied up) or from the back. You can put on a casual set of bra and panties, and let your robe flow around you, or you can decide to wear nothing at all. It’s comfortable and durable to withstand your day-to-day at-home tasks or a night of passion.

Now, you may be wondering why should I go with a Maxi Robe as opposed to a more traditional lingerie item or maybe a regular-length robe. Well, here’s the thing. We love the more common selections of intimate apparel just as much as the next girl, but there an effortless beauty to our Maxi Robe that traditional lingerie or robe just doesn’t bring. There’s no dealing with belts or buckles, no hooks or garters. It’s simply you and whatever you wear (or don’t wear) underneath, and we adore that simplicity. All the while, it provides an elegance that ordinary robes simply don’t possess.

Another great pro to the Maxi Robe is size and fit. Let’s be honest, we’ve all done this at one time or another. We’ve gone online and found something gorgeous, immediately purchased it in our size (sometimes even looking at their sizing chart to be sure), wait for it to arrive at our house, tried it on and it’s either too big or too small. Disappointed, we check the label and sure enough it’s the size we ordered. At this point, you either do one of three things. After all of the waiting and anticipation, you wrap your item as best as you can in the packaging and return it back to sender hoping to receive a refund. You call a friend or sibling letting them know you’ve got something they’d look great in… secretly hating that you have to give your brand-new apparel away. Or you toss it in the back of your closet with the rest of the “online rejects” and hope that one day it’ll suit you.

With the Maxi Robe we can skip that routine all together. As previously stated, this lingerie flows gracefully around you. The beauty of the Maxi Robe is it doesn’t restrain you in terms of fit. Plus, with sizing options from extra small to large available you have immense flexibility even if you’re a size or so off. In addition to that, the cut of this item extends generously to fit hips, curves and even a baby bump for our maternity lingerie women! If you’re still not sure if the Maxi Robe is for you, here are a few examples of how you can enjoy this luxurious piece of lingerie.

Long Lace Robe

Fun in the Sun

The Maxi Robe doesn’t have to be cooped up indoors. Take it outside and enjoy nature! This robe can double as a lovely swimsuit coverup. Lounge by the pool, kick your feet up at the beach or relax lakeside. No matter where if your toes or in the sand or in the water, you’ll look fabulous!

Honeymoon or Anniversary

If you’re thinking of getting the bride-to-be beautiful lingerie for her bridal shower, the Maxi Robe is a great gift. She’ll love the feel of the soft sheer fabric and it will be the perfect item to pack for her Honeymoon. Is it your anniversary? Enchant your hubby with this look on a more than special occasion. You both can admire how amazing you look in your Aporei Maxi Robe.


Maternity Lace Robe

Pregnancy Photoshoot

We know how exciting it is to bring in a bundle of joy, and you want to share that feeling with the world. Our Maxi Robe will match your pregnancy glow making you look and feel like a goddess. Let the sheer lace fall around your belly and flow around you in a delicate halo. This robe is sure to have you looking your best!

Did Someone Say Road Trip?

A trip with the girls is always a must, and you’ll be the envy of your friends with this beautiful gown. Whether you’re going on a road trip, vacation or simply taking a trip down the hall, you can’t go wrong with our Maxi Robe.

This look will leave you feeling glamorous! Picture yourself as a 1920’s Hollywood movie star who’s ready for her close-up. Show off your body or just feel stylish around the house. Aporei is all about empowering women through lingerie. We believe that women should always feel confident, comfortable and sexy so we cater our clothing to ensure they do.

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