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Best Honeymoon Destinations: Maldvies VS French Riviera

Let's face it, your wedding day is going to be a little stressful. The wedding planning drama is enough to plant ideas of eloping into any bride's mind. So to help keep your sanity, we are exploring the best honeymoon destinations!  And a little bonus discount code for bridal lingerie!  How will you spend your first days of marriage?

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5 Tips For Pulling Off An Instagram Worthy Bridal Shower

So, your best friend is getting married, and now you are googling the crap out of what your responsibilities are as Maid of Honor... Well, we came up with a list of our 5 best tips for pulling off that bridal shower you have to plan!  YW.

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Supporting Girl Power

At Aporei, We Stand with Women With the revelations of the #MeToo epidemic taking place across numerous industries in the U.S., we believe now is the perfect time for women-owned brands and businesses to publicly vocalize support for women’s rights/safety and participate in efforts to end sexual assault.   Now through the end of the March, Aporei is donating $5 from every purchase made with the promo code "METOO" to Girls Inc, a non-profit organization that focuses on empowering girls to create social change, speak up for themselves and achieve their full potential.   Girls Inc has a variety of programs where each girl learns to value herself, take risks, and discover and develop her inherent strengths.   We believe now is the time for...

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