Our Brand

Aporei Design

 Launched in 2012, Aporei Lingerie began with the sole mission to listen to a woman’s needs by accepting custom orders from women who found the current industry selection exhausting. Upon becoming newly engaged, Andi found herself in the market for her own bridal lingerie, and soon decided to design a line based on the feedback from custom orders and her own experience.

After graduating from Iowa State University in Apparel Merchandising, Design and Production, Andi set her sights on the fashion industry in Los Angeles, CA. There she worked for privately owned fashion labels, producing garments domestically and overseas for flagship brands and OEM customers. From this experience she was able to start a small scale online business selling pieces hand-made in Miami Florida. Since then, the business has expanded to international manufacturers as well as keeping some small scale hand-made pieces produced in her home state of Iowa.

aporei lingerie female owned lingerie in des moines iowa

It is Andi’s belief that lingerie is not solely for the purpose of enticing a partner, but more to transform how a woman feels. When the coverage is just right and the support enhances her natural curves, the piece has potential to change a mood.

When looking for a company name, we wanted something that would pair quality with style, since these two factors are the driving influences of the brand. In our search, we came across the Galician word apoñer, meaning to “yoke together.”  In other words to unite, join and combine. Aporei is based around uniting the customer with supplier, classics with creativity, knowledge with passion, and most of all quality with style. We know that real relationships are the key to success, and Aporei is a materialized recognition of this knowledge.